“Terence Mauri is an influential and outspoken expert on the future of leadership”.



Are you ready to hack the future?

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Game-changing disruptions are coming. Are you ready? Terence Mauri is a top rated Thinkers50 Future of Leadership speaker challenging leaders to innovate, adapt and thrive in the age of disruption in which massive yet hard-to-predict upheavals are expected. He is an Inc. Magazine Writer (his column Future Proof has over 1 million readers), an Entrepreneur Mentor in Residence at London Business School and author of the global bestseller, The Leader’s Mindset: How To Win In The Age of Disruption, described as a “game changer” by Harvard Business School.

Thinkers 50 Speaker

Thinkers50, the global authority on leadership has ranked Terence as one of the 30 top new thinkers in the world describing him as “an influential and outspoken expert on the future of leadership” and Terence is a Thinkers50 finalist for the global leadership award. Whether you’re seeking a keynote speaker for a conference, a facilitator for a strategy workshop or a bold shake-up for a boardroom meeting, Terence’s TED style presentations act as a catalyst for reinvention. Leaders choose Terence to give them a peek into the future and answer the big question of our times: “What must we learn and unlearn today in order to win tomorrow?”.

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Hack the Future

Are you ready to survive and thrive in an age of robots? Terence tackles future trends and the age of disruption that all leaders are facing and looks at smart ways to stay one step ahead.

His role as an Inc. Magazine Writer, Thinkers50 Faculty Lecturer and Entrepreneur Mentor In Residence at London Business School ensures you own the future rather than be disrupted by it. Terence will challenge your teams to scale the disruption mindset by doing three things: changing their mind, changing their work and changing their world.

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Are you ready to reimagine the future?

The 3D Leader

Take your leadership to the next dimension

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed everything. In times of crisis, leaders need to adapt quickly, choose courage over comfort and innovate by taking smart risks. Coming out intact on the other side is not just about having a plan, it’s about leading your people out of adversity.

The 3D Leader is your survival toolkit to thrive in a world of uncertainty.

The 3D Leader

Praise for the 3D Leader

Terence Mauri Speaker
Inc. 100 Leadership Expert


Delivering actionable talks to leaders worldwide

Terence speaks around the world from Fortune 500 companies to fast growing start-ups and has been recognised as an Inc. Magazine Top 100 Leadership Speaker. 21st century innovation is a creative collision of different industries and disciplines, like talent and technology. His keynote talks are a survival guide for the future and will help you thrive in the age of disruption.

Actionable Talks

Audience members leave with powerful shortcuts and concrete action steps to think and act like a leader in a world of disruption. Each attendee gets a signed copy of The Leader’s Mindset: How To Win In The Age of Disruption

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It’s time to rip up the rulebook on leadership.

Leadership is undergoing a seismic and long-overdue shift. In many companies, there’s a chronic leadership gap: Teams are being overmanaged and underled. To progress, we must all become leaders of ourselves; this means we must make change happen and become a lifelong learner of leadership.

I believe leadership is not a title, it’s a set of winning behaviours.

I call it The Leader’s Mindset.

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